How to dress for a wedding when you're a guest

It's wedding season, except for South Florida :). Here is a little list of wedding dress code do's and don'ts for when you are attending a wedding as a guest.  


1) Take note of the dress code. Some couples will list this on their invitation, "black tie", "formal attire", etc... If the dress code is listed be sure to dress appropriately. If it is not listed, check out their wedding venue for even the feel of their invitation. Is the invitation formal, a little casual or modern? These are ways to best judge how to dress.

2) Ladies, pack some comfy shoes to dance in! Depending on the wedding, throw some flats or flops (are more casual) in your bag for the party! Your feet will thank you.

3) Dress pretty and romantic. A wedding is all about two people falling in love so everything is pretty and romantic. It just makes sense, right? Floral prints, lace and ruffles are always nice compliments to a wedding. Try to save your edgy and sultry dresses for another occasion.


1) The number one "no, no" is wearing white, cream, blush or any variation of white. The Bride (and maybe the groom, if he's in a white tuxedo) is the other person who should we wearing white at a wedding. This is the biggest "no, no" that I repeated time and time again. Ladies, no white, save it for your day.

2) Keep the sexy or revealing dresses for another time. Remember that the couple's family members (grandparents, nieces and/or nephews) are also attending the wedding and they do not need to see more of you. ;)

3) Dress comfortable, you do not want to be pulling your dress up or down or fixing your straps all night. Also, by dressing slightly comfortable you'll be able to have some wedding cake. ;)

Happy Attending!


There is ONLY one word I can use to describe Bryna and Chris...FUN!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed working with Bryna throughout the entire planning process and then when I finally met Chris, I knew that he and Bryna were the perfect match for each other! So perfect that they actually gave each other the same wedding gift! I am serious. Bryna's style is vintage chic and she wanted everything to emulate her style throughout the ceremony and reception. Bryna and Chris' wedding took place at her parents Cape Cod home in Harwich, Ma. It was a perfect day! Bryna and Chris wanted a fun celebration for their marriage with a BBQ themed buffet, pie station, Giant Jenga, Cornhole and Polaroid photo station. At each place setting Bryna chose cloth napkins passed down from her Grandmother, while the glass votive candles and vases used were her Mother's. The tables were dressed with navy linens, natural wood chairs, drift wood, white floral and gold flatware. Thank you, Bryna and Chris Martin for allowing me to be a part of your day. 

Enjoy these beautiful images from Mariah Ariela Photographs.

Venue: Private Residence

Photographer: Mariah Ariela Photographs

Catering: Catering Boss

Rentals: Undercover Tent

Hair & Make-Up: Amanda Olson


Posting on social media

Social media has become our way of communicating, especially to the masses. But before you post "YOU'RE ENGAGED" on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so forth there are a couple of rules we suggest to follow.

1) Call your close family first. This is so important. You can really hurt someone's feelings if they finding out on social media before receiving a call from you. Also, if you are calling your sister and she does not answer, wait to post! Do not think an "I called and you didn't answer" will suffice.

2) Do not over post- photos and status updates about your engagement are great but over posting and sharing every little detail that your 300+ friends might not need to know, can be annoying. 

3) Leave some details out- like the details about the ring. Share a photo, of course this is in the rule book. However, any other details can be left unsaid.

4) Keep the tradition going- we are so driven by technology with our phones, tablets and laptops, we barely use paper anymore. Keep the tradition by sending proper wedding invitations. There are some traditions that are never meant to be broken and this is one. 

5) Sometimes too much is more than enough- We have so many platforms to plan weddings thousands of blogs and Pinterest to name a couple. Do not get me wrong, I LOVE Pinterest. However, you need to understand at times the images you pin could be hard to recreate. Finding the items could be nearly impossible, out of distance or simply out of budget. For example, you may find a bouquet you love, but you are getting married in the Fall and not every flower in the bouquet may be in season. Be open to change and suggestions. The images and ideas that are being provide are perfect guides to your final product.

6) Do you want your big day posted everywhere?- If you are not comfortable with your wedding photos being out in "social media land" until your professional photos are ready or would like to keep the day slightly private. It is completely okay to ask your guests not to post to any social media outlets. Do not feel bad, it's your day.

Happy Planning!



Bring back the "going-away outfit"

Ok, brides, grooms and general readers. I vote to bring back the "going away outfit". Why, you ask? Well, it's pretty simple it makes so much sense and it is so timeless and classic. Here are a couple of reasons why:

-You will be potentially leaving for your honeymoon the next day. Are you planning to bring your dress with you? You can change at the end of the night, make your exit (with sparklers, confetti, etc...) and leave your dress with your gifts and other remaining items for your planner or parents to take at the end of the evening. Then you can also leave the Groom's tuxedo for it to be returned, if needed, by the Best Man. Perfect!

-You can wear the dress again on your honeymoon or wear the same dress at your bridal shower.

I did this myself for my own wedding, we changed right before the last few songs had an exit and left. We also had a "last photo of the evening" with our photographer in our outfits. Our guests still got to party for a few more songs. 

Plus ladies, you can always use another dress, right? It is a timeless, classic tradition that I hope to see more of. Let's bring it back! 

Happy Planning!

StacyCatena_Signature_Gold (2).jpg

Food for thought

I LOVE the idea of having food for favors at your wedding (I hope that this trend never goes away). Actually, this is the only suggestion I mention to all my clients. Here is some food for thought on wedding favors. 

Truffles for a Cause- This is my first suggestion, hands down they are amazing! The name says it all. Here's how it works with these delicious truffles; choose from numerous amounts of charities, choose ribbon color and then you will receive them perfectly wrapped and ready to display. I am also obsessed with this idea for the fact that you are donating to something meaningful (we all have charities that we love) and your guests will get to enjoy their favor. 

Homemade Items- This list is endless. If you and your spouse-to-be have a certain food that you love or you make something that's super delicious then go ahead! I had one Groom who was a Chef, so he made an out-of-this world jalapeno jam. They were jarred and had custom labels.

Dessert Bar- You can offer cookies, make your own candy bags, etc. This is a perfect idea for your guest to interact and have lots of options on what goodies they would like to take home. 

Cake Pops- This is a great modern idea yet still has the traditional feel of having cake, that is if you are forgoing the cake as as well. 

It is also easy to include a little "thank you for being here" note with these favors before guests leave for the night and send you off on your honeymoon. These are just a few options. So get creative and give your guests something they will enjoy to take home with them. 

Happy Planning!



Kara + Kevin (Featured on Style Me Pretty)

On September 26, 2014, I had the honor to witness my clients, Kevin and Kara become Mr. & Mrs. This wedding made me so grateful for what I do as a wedding planner. You see, there were no guests, just Kevin and Kara. They eloped to the Wequasett Resort on Cape Cod from Nashville, TN. I always feel privileged to be part of every one of my clients' weddings, however, this one didn't have the centerpieces, linens or a band (which I love don't get me wrong). Being part of this incredible moment brought me back to why I do what I do, it was just about the love that two have for one another.  Love is the deepest emotion we are all fortunate to feel and experience. So thank you, Kevin and Kara for allowing me to be part of your love story and opening my eyes to why I truly love my job. To top it off, Kara was after my own heart with her Tory Burch shoes (I seriously love Tory Burch) and Kevin with his Patròn (he takes a shot for every celebration in his life!).  Enjoy the incredible images below from Glass Jar Photography!

Oh, I forgot to mention that this was featured on Style Me Pretty! I am so honored to have been a featured wedding on the SMP blog! Click here to see the feature and the entire wedding gallery. 


Michelle + Peter

 Michelle Barnett and Peter DiBona wedding on September 13, 2014. Photo by Paul Morse

It was my pleasure to work with Michelle and Peter on their Cape Cod wedding. They are the sweetest couple that started off just as friends and fell in love. I think Peter always had a secret eye for Michelle, if you ask me. ;) Typically, when I meet with a new client, I am only meeting the Bride. During my first meeting with Michelle, Peter joined us for coffee which turned into four hours of fun! I left the meeting feeling like I had just spent time with friends and knew their wedding was going to be amazing! This turned out to be so true! Michelle and Peter were married on Saturday, September 13th at Our Lady of Assumption in Osterville and the reception followed at The Oyster Harbors Club. It was a spectacular day with a cloudless sky supplying them with an endless amount of amazing images by Paul Morse Photography and Ralph Aswang Photography. Check out the goodies below and enjoy!   

 Michelle Barnett and Peter DiBona wedding on September 13, 2014. Photo by Paul Morse
 Michelle Barnett and Peter DiBona wedding on September 13, 2014. Photo by Paul Morse
 Michelle Barnett and Peter DiBona wedding on September 13, 2014. Photo by Paul Morse
I_0520 (2).jpg
 Michelle Barnett and Peter DiBona wedding on September 13, 2014. Photo by Paul Morse
 Michelle Barnett and Peter DiBona wedding on September 13, 2014. Photo by Paul Morse
 Michelle Barnett and Peter DiBona wedding on September 13, 2014. Photo by Paul Morse

Ceremony: Our Lady of Assumption, Osterville, MA

Reception Venue: The Oyster Harbors Club, Osterville, MA

Photography:  Paul Morse Photography & Ralph Alswang Photography

Florist: Verde Floral Design

Paper Products: Mark Harris Stationers

Cake: The Icing on the Cake

We were published on Well Wed!

I am so excited and honored that SCE was published on Well Wed Magazine's blog for Maine and New Hampshire! Lauren and Mark were a featured Real Wedding this August for their August 2013 wedding. What a nice first anniversary present. :) Thank you, Well Wed for the love!


To read the full article on Lauren & Mark click on the image below.

Restroom Amenity Baskets

Restroom amenity baskets are a must-have for your guests. It is so nice to offer items that your guests may need or just a freshen up before hitting the dance floor. Here is a handy little list of items that I have found to be very useful.

  • Lint roller
  • Pain relievers
  • Shout Wipes or Tide to go stick
  • Gum or mints
  • Hand lotion
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Wisps
  • Travel manicure set
  • Hair ties (gals)
  • Bobby pins (gals)
  • Safety pins
  • Contact solution
  • Tampons (gals)
  • Band aids
  • Body sprays
  • Hair spray (gals)
  • Hair gel (guys)
  • Tums
  • Travel sewing kit
  • Don't forget the baskets and cute little "his" and "hers" signs. 

Whitney + Jim

This wedding was very personal to me, you see Whitney is one of my best friends and has been since the 2nd grade. So when she got engaged and asked me to help plan, I was thrilled and honored to say the least. Not only do I know Whitney but I also have had the pleasure of knowing Jim since the 6th grade (so I do not date us, I'll leave the years out ). Whitney and Jim have a love story for the ages, they met in junior high and it was the typical boy likes girl, girl likes boy, boy teases girl and girl plays coy. After dating in junior high and high school, they found their way back to one another and gave their love another chance. I am so happy that they did. I am thrilled to be sharing these amazing images by Eric McCallister Photography of their incredibly special day at The Red Barn at Outlook Farm. Congratulations to two of my friends, the new Mr. and Mrs. Chabot!


P.S. this wedding would have not been complete without Whitney’s precious kitty, Jasmine. Enjoy!

Carly + Bob

Carly and Bob were such a fun couple to work with. Carly had a vision and knew exactly what she wanted down to every detail. As always, this is a planners dream! They are both attorney’s in Chicago and have a precious little pup. The second I met Carly, I knew that I was going to fall in love with her wedding from the dress to the venue every detail was perfection. The ceremony and reception took place at The Salem Cross Inn in West Brookfield, MA (Carly’s home town). The day was cloudy providing the perfect lighting for these amazing images!  Congratulations, again to the Mr. & Mrs! Enjoy!


Wedding Vendors:

Photographer: Boro Creative Visions

Ceremony: Salem Cross Inn

Florist: Mums the Word Floral Design

Venue: Salem Cross Inn

DJ: Jon Strader

Transportation: Lizack Bus Service

Cake: Salem Cross Inn

Hair & Make-up: Beauty in Motion, Brittany McGlone

The Social Lady

In addition to wedding and event planning, we offer an RSVP management service called The Social Lady. This service is offered to all SCE clients in addition to any clients hosting a gala, card, cocktail or dinner party that do not have the time to deal with the annoying RSVP's. The RSVP's are the most daunting part to event planning. At some point in our lives every person has hosted an event/party where they need to know a head count for food, place settings and so forth, right?! The Social Lady is here to remove that stress so you can focus on the fun details like the menu, signature drink or decor. Here is how simple this service is: 

  • You share the guest list
  • The Social Lady phone number and/or email are placed on the invitation
  • Guests RVSP to us
  • We provide weekly reporting via phone or email until RSVP deadline
  • We will gladly follow up with any outstanding responses
  • We provide a guest list for place and/or escort cards
  • We provide a final list for thank you cards

It's that simple! Use The Social Lady so YOU can be social!

Contact us to learn more about The Social Lady by email ( or phone (561.371.7687).


Lauren + Mark

Mark & Lauren070 (2).jpg

Where do I begin? I just adore this couple! They were a planner's dream to work with, are madly in love with each other and agreed on everything. The way that Lauren and Mark looked at one another during the planning and on their wedding day was incredible to be around. Lauren was the easiest Bride to work with, she knew what she wanted and was completely open to suggestions or feedback if we needed to make a slight change. Mark wanted everything that Lauren wanted, great Husband, right? Their ceremony took place in Portsmouth, New Hampshire at South Church and the reception was held at the Bride's parent's home in Dover, New Hampshire. All and all this was a beautiful day, there literally was not a cloud in the sky, for Lauren and Mark. I loved being part of their story. Congratulations, again to the Mr. & Mrs.

Mark & Lauren003 (2).jpg
Mark & Lauren004 (2).jpg
Mark & Lauren032 (2).jpg
Mark & Lauren055 (2).jpg
Mark & Lauren086 (2).jpg
Mark & Lauren106 (2).jpg
Mark & Lauren193 (2).jpg
Mark & Lauren242 (2).jpg
Mark & Lauren254 (2).jpg
Mark & Lauren247 (2).jpg
Mark & Lauren269 (2).jpg
Mark & Lauren292 (2).jpg
Mark & Lauren311 (2).jpg

Wedding Vendors:

Photographer: Elizabeth Bradford Photography

Ceremony: South Church, Portsmouth, NH

Florist: Dover Flower Studio

Caterer: The Kitchen

DJ: Audible Events

Transportation: Great Bay Limo

Rentals: Exeter Events & Tents

Cake & Cupcakes: Wild Orchid Baking Company

Paper Products: Invitations & Company

Hair: Statix Salon & Spa

Make-up: Ingrid Carey

Thanksgiving Happiness with some Orange

Being that I am a huge lover of anything with pumpkin, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year. So I thought, how suiting it would be to place together a little Thanksgiving Inspiration board.

Thanksgiving Board 2.jpg

Thanksgiving weddings can be very flavorful to your guests by selecting some amazing food. Some ideas would be to serve a butternut squash bisque verses a salad, providing a pie station (yummy) verses the standard wedding cake, a signature drink with some apple cider and topping it off with some cider donuts or pumpkin whoopie pies as the favor. The overall decor with dark wood, orange and tan with lots of candles is breathtaking! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 


To book an Engagement Session or not?

The importance of engagement photos…now this is my own personal opinion and I am sure that other photographers would agree. They are a MUST! It provides the photographer and the couple with the opportunity to learn each other’s approach so that for the “big day” everything is flawless! Let me further explain…we all have different personalities and every photographer has a different style (there is a reason why you searched long and hard for the perfect fit, right?). Your photographer may be fun, silly, make you bend your boundaries or could be serious when they shoot. Without booking an engagement session, how could you know this? All couples, especially the men, get nervous having their photos taken. The ladies want to look perfect down to every detail, and the gents smile and follow the photographer’s exact instructions. An engagement session lets everyone get to know each other’s comfort level, strengths and weakness. I know, we’re all human and we all have a weakness here or there. Let’s be honest, it’s not a bad thing to have additional professional photos in your house and they can be used for your save the dates. It’s a win-win! Trust me, book an engagement session and you’ll be so happy that you did.

Now call your photographer. Enjoy!


It's finally live!

Welcome to my blog! Thank you for wanting to learn more about SCE. I am looking forward to sharing my work and knowledge with you. After all my experience over the past five years, I am thrilled to be on my own. Stay tuned for fun updates.

Please feel free to contact me at for pricing and availability.