How to dress for a wedding when you're a guest

It's wedding season, except for South Florida :). Here is a little list of wedding dress code do's and don'ts for when you are attending a wedding as a guest.  


1) Take note of the dress code. Some couples will list this on their invitation, "black tie", "formal attire", etc... If the dress code is listed be sure to dress appropriately. If it is not listed, check out their wedding venue for even the feel of their invitation. Is the invitation formal, a little casual or modern? These are ways to best judge how to dress.

2) Ladies, pack some comfy shoes to dance in! Depending on the wedding, throw some flats or flops (are more casual) in your bag for the party! Your feet will thank you.

3) Dress pretty and romantic. A wedding is all about two people falling in love so everything is pretty and romantic. It just makes sense, right? Floral prints, lace and ruffles are always nice compliments to a wedding. Try to save your edgy and sultry dresses for another occasion.


1) The number one "no, no" is wearing white, cream, blush or any variation of white. The Bride (and maybe the groom, if he's in a white tuxedo) is the other person who should we wearing white at a wedding. This is the biggest "no, no" that I repeated time and time again. Ladies, no white, save it for your day.

2) Keep the sexy or revealing dresses for another time. Remember that the couple's family members (grandparents, nieces and/or nephews) are also attending the wedding and they do not need to see more of you. ;)

3) Dress comfortable, you do not want to be pulling your dress up or down or fixing your straps all night. Also, by dressing slightly comfortable you'll be able to have some wedding cake. ;)

Happy Attending!