Whitney + Jim

This wedding was very personal to me, you see Whitney is one of my best friends and has been since the 2nd grade. So when she got engaged and asked me to help plan, I was thrilled and honored to say the least. Not only do I know Whitney but I also have had the pleasure of knowing Jim since the 6th grade (so I do not date us, I'll leave the years out ). Whitney and Jim have a love story for the ages, they met in junior high and it was the typical boy likes girl, girl likes boy, boy teases girl and girl plays coy. After dating in junior high and high school, they found their way back to one another and gave their love another chance. I am so happy that they did. I am thrilled to be sharing these amazing images by Eric McCallister Photography of their incredibly special day at The Red Barn at Outlook Farm. Congratulations to two of my friends, the new Mr. and Mrs. Chabot!


P.S. this wedding would have not been complete without Whitney’s precious kitty, Jasmine. Enjoy!