Bring back the "going-away outfit"

Ok, brides, grooms and general readers. I vote to bring back the "going away outfit". Why, you ask? Well, it's pretty simple it makes so much sense and it is so timeless and classic. Here are a couple of reasons why:

-You will be potentially leaving for your honeymoon the next day. Are you planning to bring your dress with you? You can change at the end of the night, make your exit (with sparklers, confetti, etc...) and leave your dress with your gifts and other remaining items for your planner or parents to take at the end of the evening. Then you can also leave the Groom's tuxedo for it to be returned, if needed, by the Best Man. Perfect!

-You can wear the dress again on your honeymoon or wear the same dress at your bridal shower.

I did this myself for my own wedding, we changed right before the last few songs had an exit and left. We also had a "last photo of the evening" with our photographer in our outfits. Our guests still got to party for a few more songs. 

Plus ladies, you can always use another dress, right? It is a timeless, classic tradition that I hope to see more of. Let's bring it back! 

Happy Planning!

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