Food for thought

I LOVE the idea of having food for favors at your wedding (I hope that this trend never goes away). Actually, this is the only suggestion I mention to all my clients. Here is some food for thought on wedding favors. 

Truffles for a Cause- This is my first suggestion, hands down they are amazing! The name says it all. Here's how it works with these delicious truffles; choose from numerous amounts of charities, choose ribbon color and then you will receive them perfectly wrapped and ready to display. I am also obsessed with this idea for the fact that you are donating to something meaningful (we all have charities that we love) and your guests will get to enjoy their favor. 

Homemade Items- This list is endless. If you and your spouse-to-be have a certain food that you love or you make something that's super delicious then go ahead! I had one Groom who was a Chef, so he made an out-of-this world jalapeno jam. They were jarred and had custom labels.

Dessert Bar- You can offer cookies, make your own candy bags, etc. This is a perfect idea for your guest to interact and have lots of options on what goodies they would like to take home. 

Cake Pops- This is a great modern idea yet still has the traditional feel of having cake, that is if you are forgoing the cake as as well. 

It is also easy to include a little "thank you for being here" note with these favors before guests leave for the night and send you off on your honeymoon. These are just a few options. So get creative and give your guests something they will enjoy to take home with them. 

Happy Planning!