A few kind words...

“Stacy was just what the doctor ordered!  I'm a very organized, list-making, Type A, multi-tasker..  I enjoy researching options when planning events, and I've planned some really big events (1,000 person +) over the years.  But, planning my daughter's wedding was different.  I needed help.

The bride (naturally) wanted to be a part of every one of the thousand decisions involved in planning a wedding.  Problem was, I lived in Boston near the wedding venue on Cape Cod; the bride lived in Raleigh, 700 miles away.  Reaching consensus via texts and photos was difficult, and finding time to talk and having EVERY conversation filled with the stress of wedding planning was not what either one of us wanted this joyful time to be remembered for.  Hiring Stacy was the answer.

Stacy Catena was the voice of experience who helped us reach important decisions and bridge the gap between our differences of opinion.  Stacy was the voice of urgency for pieces we had not yet figured out.  She was an always-available resource for questions and advice.  She has refined style, great taste, is easy to brainstorm with and is willing to search high and low for anything needed.

By the time I decided to hire Stacy, we had a lot of our choices already made.  We didn't think we'd need her for much more than last minute decisions and last month logistics.  I never imagined how helpful Stacy would be for so much more than that, and how critical she was to allowing my husband, me, and most importantly, the bride and groom, to really enjoy the big day.  Stacy is fun, direct, exceptionally well organized (with minute by minute timelines), and is a great communicator.  She is willing to stay on top of / have some difficult conversations with vendors that I wanted to avoid.  She is a powerful, professional, pint-sized force that gave me confidence that every one of the hundreds of pieces would come together as beautifully as we had hoped.

We are so grateful we hired Stacy to help, and so pleased with the job she did and the spectacular results.  Stacy was a big part of making the happy memories we'll always have of our daughter's wedding day.”



“How did I get so lucky as to call Stacy not only my friend, but also my amazing wedding planner? 

I'm not one of those girls who has been planning her wedding since day one of being born, so needless to say I was a little overwhelmed by the planning process and didn't even know where to begin. STACY TO THE RESCUE! She quickly reassured me that I was going to be fine and helped lead me in the right direction before I even hired her as my planner. Fast forward a couple months to the big game changer, the surprise.

Planning a surprise wedding can get a little tricky and I'm confident I would not have been able to do it without the help and expertise of Stacy and her team. She was the glue that held me together when I felt like I was going to break apart. She was able to offer suggestions and ideas that I would have never thought of. She kept me calm and reminded me to enjoy the day! 

Our wedding was beautiful and beyond what I ever imagined. Everything was perfect! I am so thankful for Stacy and cannot recommend her enough. She is an incredible planner and a truly wonderful person. We are forever grateful to her for making our day magical."


"Our whimsical riverside wedding in Fort Myers, Florida was absolute perfection thanks to Stacy Catena Events!  As a former wedding planner myself, I can admit I was likely a challenge to work with and had over-the-top expectations for my Big Day and the planner that was to take it on - Stacy exceeded all of them!  I was surprised how many details I forgot leading up to the wedding week, but Stacy was right there to remind me of them all, and when I had a huge event for work the week before, she organized and communicated with all my vendors during that crucial time of confirming final details.  She helped me make difficult decisions and ones that should be easy like how to fold the napkin!  And her creative ideas made everything come together beautifully.  Her detailed timeline put my fiance and the entire wedding party at ease knowing exactly what to expect and where to be when.  On the day of our wedding she handled everything while remaining calm and collected through any potential hiccups - this in turn kept myself and my Bridal Party calm and enabled us to have a wonderful time while getting ready and during the evening.  Everything went as smoothly as possible, and guests commented that it was the best wedding they had ever been to and that everything went off without a hitch!  I agree, and we can't thank Stacy enough for making our wedding perfect beyond our wildest dreams!"  


"The vision, execution, elegance and details of our wedding, along with total enjoyment by my Husband and I, and all our friends and family, would not have been possible without Stacy Catena Events. Thanks to Stacy, we enjoyed every aspect of our wedding and experienced it along with our guest.  

I knew I wanted to hire a Wedding Planner, but wasn’t sure when during the process and certainly never anticipated how much I would be relying on her until I was in the thick of it all. I can honestly say we could not have pulled off our wedding without Stacy and as a Bride, I certainly would not have been able to relax and enjoy myself the way that I did without her, especially on my wedding day! 

I consider myself type A when it comes to planning, with an entire wedding binder, tabs and notes. To find Stacy was just as organized, if not more, made me so calm and collected knowing no details would be left behind and the day would be executed flawlessly. And it was!

I feel Stacy went above and beyond, is a total professional, easy to work with, has a great personality, and strong point of contact. From leading the wedding rehearsal on Friday; being in constant communication with Oyster Harbors’ staff the week of; checking in on my bridal party and groomsmen day of; and personally setting up each table setting, which included folding the menus into the napkins, placing our wedding favors on top and making sure the room was complete perfection before my Husband and I had our first look, meant everything to us! There was no reason for me to even visit my venue the week of, Stacy had it all covered and then some.

I could not endorse another vendor more positively and am so grateful to Stacy Catena Events. I highly recommend her services, locally or from afar, if you wish to have a second set of hands, voice of reason and experienced professional to handle you, your groom and family with love and care."   


"We used Stacy Catena events to assist in planning our wedding in November 2014 and of all the decisions leading up to the big day, using Stacy was by far the best one we made.  Stacy was organized and professional, which took a lot of the stress of the decision making process off of our shoulders. We chose a venue that required a lot of DIY projects and she kept us focused on a cohesive theme and recommended vendors that matched our vision.  

We’re both working professionals, so letting Stacy narrow down the many choices made for a simple and painless process.  Not only was she amazing to work with while planning, but she was truly a life saver in the days leading up to the wedding.  We had decided upon an outdoor wedding, not expecting rain in November. When rain showed up on the forecast, Stacy jumped into action and contacted multiple vendors. She was able to secure a tent, additional lighting, and arrange setup and breakdown with only a day’s notice. Not only did Stacy save us with the tent, but the very same night we received a called letting us know our linens encountered an issue at the cleaners and were ruined. Stacy worked the phones until she was satisfied the vendor would make good on their mistake, which they did by sewing new linens in time for the wedding. 

On the day of the wedding, Stacy kept everything on schedule. She made sure we enjoyed our day and it wasn’t until weeks later when we finally learned about the hiccups at the event that she smoothed out. In the end, Stacy’s suggestions and last minute changes to work around the weather ended up in a better ceremony and reception than we had ever imagined. We were so happy to work with her, and would gladly do so again."


"Stacy embodies exactly what my husband and I hoped for in a wedding planner. She listened to what we wanted and suggested ways to improve upon it. She identified  things we needed to think about, and she anticipated potential problems and had them solved before we even faced them. Stacy's bio describes her perfectly. She is genuine and was genuinely excited for us. We could not have asked for more!"


"I had not planned to get a wedding planner. My venue suggested I get a day of planner to assist me as I had a lot of "moving parts". After speaking to Stacy for the first time I could not imagine planning this special day without her for more than that day. She explained to me that she really cannot effectively do her job by only getting involved on that day. She could not be more right! I could not be more grateful for her assistance leading up to the day and getting her acquainted with my vendors the month before the wedding so that she could help me manage the final decisions. Without her timeline that she put together everything would not have gone so smoothly! She was an absolute delight!"  


"Stacy was amazing to work with during the months leading up to our wedding. I was planning our Massachusetts wedding from Chicago, which was not easy. Stacy was professional, knowledgeable, organized and very detail-oriented, which was exceedingly helpful during the last few crazy months before the wedding. She was responsive to my emails and took the time to go through everything step by step to make sure no detail was overlooked. She coordinated with all of the vendors so I didn’t have to, which was a huge help. I spent a lot of time on DIY projects and small details, so I was really concerned about my vision coming together on the day of the wedding. However, Stacy was wonderful and made sure that everything was exactly how I had pictured it in my head, and everything looked amazing. She took all of the stress off of my husband and I so that we were truly able to enjoy the day, which was priceless. Overall, Stacy was wonderful and I highly recommend her to anyone planning a wedding!"


"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Stacy. She is truly amazing! My husband and I had our reception at my parent's house thinking it would be easier but we were wrong! Home weddings can be challenging but Stacy made the whole process much less stressful. She took all the stress off of my family and myself so that we could enjoy the day. Stacy was very thorough in following up with all our vendors so we didn't have to. I was nervous the vision I had in my head of the wedding didn't make sense to anyone but Stacy made sure everything was perfect. She made sure every detail of our wedding was exactly how we wanted it for the big day and it looked amazing! Her passion and knowledge shine through in everything that she does. I highly recommend Stacy to any bride that wants to feel calm and relaxed throughout the entire planning process! Thank you again, Stacy!"


"Fact: Your wedding day is supposed to be the best day of your life.  But let’s be honest, in those months and weeks leading up to that glorious day, that little fact is really hard to believe given ALL THE THINGS YOU HAVE TO GET DONE FIRST! Well, here’s my advice: STACY CATENA EVENTS.

Stacy is absolutely essential to your wedding success. We all have visions of what we want our day to look and feel like, but some of us (myself included) may have a difficult time expressing that vision or trusting someone else to make that vision a reality. Fear not, friends.  Stacy gets it. All of it. Down to the tiniest detail. All those ideas you have in your head, Stacy pulls them together in a way you never would have been able to, but somehow, it is exactly what you wanted. Also, and probably most importantly, Stacy reminds you of things you never would have thought about, but things you should not forget. 

While Stacy may seem little and cute (which she is), she is also organized, diligent, hard-working, confident, and above all else, UNDENIABLY RELIABLE. If you want to limit your stress while still achieving the wedding of your dreams, put your trust in Stacy Catena Events. You won’t be disappointed. "